Hang in There Cat Necklace
Matte-finished sterling silver or polished gold kitty, clinging boldly to a friction-fit circlet. 1-1/2" paw to toe pendant, 16" necklace.
Hang in There Cat Pin
Same brave cat, now clinging to a shiny balloon. Balloon is pin-backed, while the cat hangs free, holding onto a flexible silver string.
Reindeer Pin or Pendant
Don we now our Bob, the Carnelian-Nosed Reindeer. 1-3/4" tall. Pendant comes on a 18" fine rope chain.
Guardian Hippo Pin
This fine hippo stands ready to serve as the muse of any sincere and pure-of-heart chocolate lover. 1-1/8" ear to toe.
Friendly Beast Pin
A charming monster to wear proudly whenever you want to look your very beast. 1-5/8 horn to toe.
Guardian Hippo Pin Earrings
Post earrings made of two smaller (but equally sincere) renditions of the pin and pendant hippi. If you sit very still, you can sometimes hear them whisper. "Chocolate." Mirror-imaged, 3/4" ear to toe.
One Bewildered Duck Necklace
This nifty duck will lend a touch of sophistication to any outfit. 1" duck on 18" fine chain.
Piggy Gourmet Pin
FOOD TIME! Fork in hand, this enthusiastic piggy is sprinting to the nearest cake, pie, pasta, whatever. The perfect accessory for the unapologetic foodie. 1" tall (all muscle.)
Chocolate Alert Tag
Attention, Chocophiliacs! NEVER GO OUT UNPROTECTED. This tag could be crucial to your continual well-being. 1-1/2" tag on 24" medium-beaded chain.
Guardian Hippo Necklace
The Guardian Hippo adds a benevolent presence, attracting good luck and all things chocolate your way. 1-1/8" Hippo on 18" small-bead chain. Elegant alone, or pairs beautifully with the Chocolate Alert Tag necklace.
Guardian Hippo Deluxe Combo
Guardian Hippo and Chocolate Alert Tag now appearing together on one terrific 24" medium-beaded chain.
Singing Frog Pin
This accomplished frog is a musical marvel, known internationally for its ribbeting performances. 1" tall, with quite an impressive darkened 3-D mouth.
Hang in There Cat Earrings
Dangle earrings made of two smaller (but equally tenacious) relatives of the pendant and pin kitties. Mirror-imaged, 5/8" paw to toe.
Philadelphia Chickens Bracelet
A chorus line of poultry in motion, from the celebrated Boynton book and recording. 7-1/2" with toggle clasp.
Chocolate Alert Bracelet, Plus Hippo
A scaled-down Guardian Hippo is affixed to the 7-1/4" bracelet. Talk about practicality and charm.
The Snouter Limits Ring

Really now…Have you ever seen anything quite so lovely? An enthusiastic pig
encircles your finger, its snout proudly atop (in the place where lesser rings might
bear a mere jewel.) On the underside—etched between hands and hooves—is the simple mystical inscription "OINK."
Moo Bracelet

What better way to say "Moo" than to forge it in silver? Or even gold. Three
cows, three moos. Why not? 7.5“ long.
Ballet Cow

A bovine dancer of exquisite grace and style. 1.25 inches of perfect poise, horn to hoof.
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