What everyone everywhere (impatient ducks included) wants to know is Where’s all the Boynton STUFF that has in bygone days leavened our things that need leavening?

She’s doing WHAT? Producing CHILDREN’S MUSIC? And VIDEOS? What for? Where are the cards? I want a T-Shirt. Sneakers! What about mugs?

Then suddenly, there’s Zazzle (if by “suddenly” we mean Zazzle has been in business since 1999 but who knew? Other than Disney and Lucasfilms and pretty much all of the rest of you?)

FAST COMPANY magazine says that that consumer-responsive small-run production is the tidal wave of the future. Okay! Why not? Cowabunga etc. The all new and not really ready but ta daaaaaaaa BOYNTON ZAZZLE STORE is open! Go! Look! Purchase! You don’t want to make fools of the fine people at Fast Company magazine.