More Ethel Answers
A plant in the audience asks:
Q: What can you tell me about the Life and Times of S. Boynton? Give examples, and cite sources.
A: First of all, let me say how very impressed I am that a mere plant is not only literate, but also has found access to the internet. I applaud your resourcefulness.
Now let me answer your question by asking a question: Do you think knee-hi boots en caoutchouc jaune would go with this outfit?
A visionary from Boise ("Paris of the West") wonders:
Q: Why is there not a full line of Ethel merchandise (e.g. Ethelwear, Ethelware, Eau d'Ethel, etc.) with an empassioned international sales force and, if I may be so bold, its very own provocatively stylish website?
A: Why not indeed. Though I will state here for the record that I remain opposed to Ethelclogs, faux fur or no faux fur.
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